Detail Styling, but mini!

Are you a stationer, calligrapher, or other creative entrepreneur who:

  • Doesn't know where to start with detail shots, especially flatlays?

  • Wants to elevate your branding and ideal clients through detail shots?

  • Knows how to style flatlays but wants a better breakdown and refresh of layouts?

  • Who needs help with a styling kit?

  • Doesn't know enough about color theory, negative space, etc.?

...If you answered yes to any of these, this mini course is for you!

Live styling

Included in this course: live styling! Samantha will walk through 5 different set ups for flatlay styling, as well as different combinations of other details! Style along with her, or watch and recreate.

Designer insight

In one of the modules, Kelly will breakdown everything you need to know about color theory, negative space, and composition to create beautiful, editorial detail images.

Facebook community

A private space where our students can post images, ask questions, provide feedback and encouragement. We love hanging out with you all in there! We also have monthly live Q & A's where you can pop in and ask questions.


"These cards are game changing! I started using them because I NEEDED to step up my styling game, but I couldn't find education ANYWHERE! No one really teaches you how to make details look pretty and I'm not one to be able to just see other people do it and go 'oh I get it.' I am now using these cards every time I shoot a wedding or want to get better, I've made flat lays that look just like the cards but it's also encouraged me to do my own thing--must have!"

-Michaela, Michaela Dunn Photography

"You NEED The Styling Collective’s Styling Blueprint Cards. They make styling so much easier, especially for me, a stationer, who doesn’t easily master flat lays and photography. Often times, I spend way too much time working on the perfect layout of a flat lay, but with these cards, I am able to style everything quickly and easily! To anyone that styles flat lays, these are a must!!!!"

-Brandi, With Love Daily Designs

"Purchasing the styling blueprint cards was one of the best things I have ever done! I absolutely love styling details on a wedding day. However, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when you are on a limited time frame. I love that I can flip through the cards and pick one that works best with the number of invitation pieces I have! Following the card, I can use the details I have provided by the couple to create a beautifully styled flat lay in a quarter of the time!!! I recommend the cards to anyone and everyone I talk to who feels overwhelmed when it comes to styling flat lays on a wedding day!!"

-Courtney, Courtney Paige Photography




Detail Styling 101 Mini Course

$50 savings!

One-time payment of $249

3 payments of $100/month

3-Month Payment Plan